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March 26, 2008


Note:Understandability is least guaranteed.

Its nice to hang around with friends,its awesome to be with your near and dear ones.Everything is fine when you have people to share it with.But there are some pains that can never be shared like the one I have in my mouth now that has forbidden me taking food and almost its like some sort of forced fasting.But again this happens to be just a physical pain.

There are far more severities to a man thats much harder to digest.Even tears happen to be away from you,especially when you know certain things doesnt come your way coz of someone else's faults.Life at times puts you in conditions where both choices hurts you a lot and you would prefer both coz you never have a third option.I opt to choose the one thats risk free,but again it keeps me pricking,I find myself running for cover from being called a coward.I myself is putting me back to that sea of tranquility where I have always found it hard to swim.But as always history repeats and I find myself getting ready for another hibernation of senses,back to the sea of tranquility where I sit and stare hoping for a shore.I find the inertia of motion of my thoughts and body that pull me deeper and deeper to a world where I miss even my own reflections.Its that boring me and my thoughts with none noises,no reflections,no voices.

Tranquility initiated and this time may be it reaches its zenith.Certain feelings are beyond explanations,beyond words,no friends,no blogs cant be a platform to put it into.It just stays in asking for transparency and yet that translucency happens to be the state of self; perplexing,confusing and visibility displaying in stupidity ,the feel that creeps in your mind after reading this post.Its an insanity of thought thats clogging in me and this is a vague attempt to put it down over here.My failure of presentation happens to be a case of utter voidness within me even which I find hard to digest.It sounds verbal acrobatics even to me ,but I dare to say no.I am just losing the ground of thoughts ,ability of expression; may be solution is in the other horizon.

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