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March 23, 2008

A point to ponder

Its been a long time since we have been hearing about the perils and merits of urban culture. Even I had a mention regarding this in my post Love,lust and life , but now we have got another proof of how fatal the present lifestyles can be. I was really shocked on hearing the Koramangala incident where a techie after killing his wife committed suicide.Thanks to CNN-IBN for their complete coverage of the news.

Karl Marx had once quoted that 90% of the problems arise out of financial issues.But time has come to rewrite that phrase.Its not about rewriting a phrase,its about rewriting the whole transformation of society and lifestyles thats to be prosecuted.There is no such era in the history of mankind where extra marital affairs and related issues has drawn attention to this regard; in fact it seems now a days , these issues are more a part of society status rather than a concern of thought.The techie or the murderer was a software engineer working with an IT giant, where as the woman was a marketing professional. The reason could never be financial issue with the suicide note clearly pointing to an extra marital issue. The abrupt end to the two lives came up within just an year of their marriage.Thanks to the suicide note that reveals the reason for the mishap.

The point to wonder is the pace how things crawl up in a relationship; a wife pursuing on with her extra marital affair in spite of her husband's fury, a husband who resorts to death after killing her wife which in no way seems to have been the solution.Again the insensitivity which the present human machine shows in relationships and the flexibility he/she efficiently utilises to switch across relations seems to be the villian. No counselling,no meditation classes can ever heal the wounds thats mushrooming up from the present physic sociological factor or aspect that describes every relation as a contract of interdependence and mutual benefit aimed at one's success and attainment of excellence in his/her working domain independent of emotions or discouraging thoughts of passion and commitment out of human feeling.Unless and otherwise we introspect our attitude towards life and understand ourselves that life is not all about academic excellence, brilliance in technical domains , ******** or *******; its more about understanding your fellow beings, having an emotional attachment to them which is defined as love, and taking relationship more than just a contract.Since I am still single, I am not an authority to speak on married life, but atleast please dont take your marriage just as a business contract.

The recent survey showed that most of women does agree for office romance for their academic growth. I dont think there is a better example for moral degradation. We seem to professionalized, a next stage of being civilised. So its high time we chose a healthier option of life, the one that doesnt lead to dehumanisation.Lets have trust and commitment in our relationship coz we never get chance to bat twice in a single inning.

Definition of present human being: A biological machine designed to have embedded emotions and feelings,but transformed into a professional idol of insensitiveness and business oriented mentality with self developed adaptability and flexibility to fall in contractual relationships with fellow beings aimed at self appraisal and professional excellence.Exceptions found who either dont survive or are transformed to the current form.


Arun said...

That definition of present human being is mind blowing and fantastic. Did u made it up?

shanthu said...

hey bro..dat was nice...quite true..y not post it in some papers..its damn good

dilse said...

Life is like that....All are behind the money......
But money always leads to a lifeless family....this may leads to separation or tragedy.....!!!!
We know the things....But we may never accept this truth.....

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