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March 12, 2008

The dash to the new world

October 7th 2004 ,a bright morning ;The day I would never ever forget in life when I stepped into the virtually walled campus of LBS. New faces full of aspirations and freshness roaming around the seminar hall ,the oldest faces were ready at the entrance of seminar hall to greet us and to protect us from "ragging". My heart was really throbbing hard initially out of fear of ragging; I still remember those staring eyes of my senior( I dont know his name, but felt he just wanted to eat me up).

The first one I was to meet was Libi,the coir haired( she would kill me for using such a metaphor) girl, Her smile with almost all her teeth out for exhibition was really a warmth of friendship that I wished to get from new life that was to begin that day.Not to forget, our sweet Kevin whom I had known since school days;we just had a walk around the campus and then left the campus.

On October 11th ,we were back again to the place, which was to decide our destiny and fate in the forthcoming four years, it was not just confined to academic standards, but a more emotional binding that I wanted between myself and the new friends I would get.First day it was all about meeting new friends, shaking hands with them and ofcourse to start with, some diplomatic conversations. There was uniqueness in each and everyone's character, the seriousness that was engraved in Ashwin's face , the energy packed Evin , the most silent among the lot Sijo. (Evin and Sijo later got transferred).

It was a fantastic beginning with the people I met , almost meeting the parameters I had set regarding friendship, a prejudiced mind you would call,but what was in store was never prejudged or prejudiced; the most vibrant and happening period in everyone's life- the campus life.
(to be continued..)

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(to be continued..)

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