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December 23, 2007

Another upcoming year termed "new"

Last days of December,just hours to the holy Christmas and its party time for all.Just when the christmas gets over,the whole world gets into the new year fever which is ignited once the December begins.Awaiting new year has become more like a festival rather than an inevitable and unstoppable passage of time which we admire a lot.I feel this is the only time where we waits for time and other times,every one just doesnt have time for anything.For me this just turns out to be another day,the only difference being you get some new movies in the tv channels.Its the same old wine in a new bottle or may be same bottle with changing labels after every 365 days.Everyone talks about resolutions,aims,targets and things like that;but I always wonder,if one really needs a change why to wait till the January 1st and why not any other day.The only good thing I find is the jubiliation that people seem to be in on this particular occasion (Remember the majority would still be fighting to get their only meal of the day),atleast the hopes of the people for a better world is really encouraging.But the sad fact is that this hope is only for that and rest of the days,its the same disregard we show towards the society and world.

For me this is just another day,the difference being I have to look into a new calender and I really hate to term it new because I dont find any novelty in it,all same months with same number of days(exception:leap year).Is there anything new in what I do,Does my outlook change,Am I going to do anything new thats going to be positive for people around me;I admit with shame NOOO.I really wonder how many of those who read this post is going to bring a change atleast a gradual one on the eve of this "new" year.Before you term Me pessimistic and hopEless,let me tell you hopes alone never do a thing even though its a must.

Again other than some inevitable happenings reserved for this year,I find nothing new.I am gonna follow same dress code,eat same food and my thoughts,I dont think thats gonna change in much a bigger way.So this so called new year is going to start with another usual day for me and I hate to give it any other importance other than a bit of hope that I would improve from this day on(I do that everyday but as always..).I am against these all kind of pomp and show,and night out parties on new year days.Its just nothing other than a showoff,infact another excuse the wealthy heads find to burn out their money.Not even a poor man celebrates a new year,as always he hopes for his daily bread thats more to him and I have to say I proudly stand with them,with the class of people who are still away from status games and hypocrytic show offs.I agree I have not done anything for them,but atleast I dont want ANOTHER UPCOMING YEAR TERMED "NEW" to be celebrated with pomp and show and parties.

But again since I being a part of the vicious circle of social fabric,wish you all a happy new year and please take resolutions only if you can do,atleast if you feel you will try.I hope ATLEASTTTTTTTTTTT 2008 will make a difference for whom it will really be a DIFFERENCE and who needs it.

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