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December 7, 2007

Do's and Dont's in an interview -SAY NO TO SHYNESS

Mostly now a days you do see a lot of interview tips and stuff in many of the websites and all of them happens to be identical, I am not much interested in putting on those usual things ,but would like to draw your attention to what really matters in an interview.
Initially (Far before the interview; may be months back even before you know you will have to attend such interviews) try to be more interactive with people.This is very very important.If you are inert,its better you throw off that habit and get yourself more open ,else you are out of the game.We should always remember that its not as easy as we speak to put yourself properly at an interview when you have been inert for all through out your life.Its quite understandable that some people do have shy nature and they tend to keep themselves away from debates,speech competitions and also such activities where one has to be dare enough to stand in front of others and present something.But what one should know is too much inertness never fetches you a job.
Now talking about stripping of the shyness in you.As I have told,its not always so easy to strip off your shyness one morning and become social.First of all,you have to have a positive attitude.Try mingling with people especially friends, make your voice count among them.Also when you get chances to be more social especially like taking initiative in regards of various activities;in college or school,do show the spirits to meet the challenge rather than running away from it.Never hesitate to say yes whenever you get a chance yourself to present in front of a gathering.Mostly the fear of under performance leads one to saying a big no in this regard,but proper practice will lead you the right way.Now some would mention about the shivering that they feel when addressing a bunch of people, but let me tell you ,this feeling remains possibly for a minute or less and almost every person in the world experiences this feeling on the first stage.Let me tell you from my experience ,its that initial guts that you need to have to stand in front of others and then everything would be normal.So dont crawl around corridors of your institution and waste your time,put yourself into something thats worth playing a good part in your life.
So remember,the first tip for being successful in your interviews is STRIP OFF YOUR SHYNESS and BE DARING TO PRESENT YOUR IDEAS IN FRONT OF OTHERS.

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