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December 5, 2007


I would like to introduce you people to the one of the coolest and most trusted sites ie MYLOT.Its a discussion site where you can talk to people on anything and everything.Earlier I was completely immersed in orkut all the time,but soon I found it to be boring and dragging as all the time I had nothing else to speak other than 'hi ,how are you'.This was when I was introduced to mylot by my friend and now most of the time I am in mylot.The most important thing is you never get bored with mylot as you have various topics to discuss on where you can present your views and comment on other's responses.Moreover it helps to enhance your language and also gives a new dimension to your perspectives and thoughts.Also let me tell you there is a payment offer in mylot that lets you earn a handsome amount through discussions and let me tell you,I have already earned my ten dollars and has got credited.Really its something where you can enjoy as well as earn.So do give it a try.TO KNOW MORE CLICK ON THE TITLE OF THIS POST.

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