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December 13, 2007

Google Analytics

Every time google comes with new things ,nobody is left without being fascinated by it.This time they have come with something thats already there,but still it has hit the market with a bang.I am talking about Google analytics that has become a webmaster's dream.Its as simple as all other Google services are.Just sign up for free,if you have a gmail account ,then its all available at one click.You can register your site there and the traffic to your site is monitored by them and you are issued reports.The most important thing is it covers almost all aspects of the traffic to your site.If you are a webmaster who is looking for a healthy page rank,then you must be a part of google analytics.Also bloggers who wants their blog to be more public and atleast a bit commercialised,I recommend you to be a part of it.I have been a member of almost a month now and its really nice that you can track each and every bit happenings of traffic to your site.Its the first step to increase traffic to your site.This service also provides you with an opportunity to correct the errors thatis present in your sites and these might be the prime reason for your site being not displayed in the search results.To know more about it go to this link

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