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December 5, 2007

Too many ads but not too much nonsense

When you look at my blog,you happen to see too many ads;I hope you are not disgusted with that.Its been some months since I have been in this vicious circle of online earning site.I call it vicious circle because I start browsing from one site crawl through it to many sites and finally reach the same site to find its not very easy to get the job done.You can find many such sites today ,but more than half of them happen to be spam and I have to admit I have been a victim of that.But there are some sites that really pays and out of which I have chosen some sites that are displaying their ads here.Ofcourse the earning becomes possible only when there is much traffic to the sites and inturn it requires me to put on many posts infact as many quality posts as possible.But usually what happens is in too much eagerness to make money,people just put on some rubbish as posts and the quality of the blog just degrades.Hope that doesnt happen to me and if at all the standard falls low,Please let me know so that I can maintain the minimum standars that one expects from this blog.


Nithin said...

This blog's got more content than ads, so you don't really have to worry about having too many ads. But you ought to be careful about the types of ads you use on the blog.

For instance, a lot of people -- especially me ;-) -- are put off by the presence of flash widgets on blogs. Or, say, content-link type of ads, which many people might confuse with outgoing links. My advice would be to stick to something like Adsense or TextLinkAds and avoid the flash ads and widgets.

Arun said...

About the free money sites just remember the old phrase "There is no free lunch"