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December 28, 2007

My final interview

This is one of the interesting and most vibrant of the interview experiences that I have had.The test was on May 14th and since it was the first placement drive at our college,I had to take up the initiative for coordination work and had work till night at college,just the day before the drive.So I didnt even bother about touching the books.Next morning I had to go early and make the necessary arrangements.Now being a volunteer,one can imagine the need to make things in a proper manner.As expected,the test started around 10 am and to my surprise it was an easy paper.So I could do well and could get through the first round.The GD was at around 2pm and I got selected to the interviews.

There were two rounds of interviews,the first one was technical followed by HR.The technical interview started off with simple questions.I was asked my favourite subject and then questions were based on that,I could answer almost all questions and quite against what I expected from a techie interview,I was asked to tell about myself.I was embarrassed a bit,but still managed to answer the question.The interview was over and almost after 15 minutes the results came out.My friend and me were told to be disqualified.Even though initially it came as a shock to me (as I had done the interview well),since I was already placed,it didnt hurt me much.But my friend was extremely disappointed.Later the Caritor guys told that it was a mistake and both of us were selected for the next round.My friend was very jubilant and even was I.I was the final candidate for the interview and since I had an experience of 5 earlier interviews,I was calm and composed.

The interview started off well and I was asked a question if I am interested in higher studies,I said not at present and he asked me why.I answered for it and then I was asked a number of questions on this.He started to put on some other topics and when I answer for something,just started to fire a volley of questions,infact it seemed more like a torture.I was feeling a bit of depressed and all the time I had to say sorry for I couldnt argue with him.Finally after 20 minutes of torture he said "Ok I am done with you,you can leave".By then I was sure I would not be selected.I just cant explain the feeling that I was going through then.

Nearly after two hours,the results were published and I was more elated than anyone to hear my name announced.My interviewer was sitting in the dias and he just smiled at me.This was my first stress interview and I knew only then how stressful it can be.So my suggestion for you friends; Keep your cool and remain calm;you will feel tortured or harassed but remember the interviewer is just testing your temperament and ability to handle pressure.Just calm your nerves for possibly some minutes and then you are through. All the best.

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Shantharam Shenoy K said...

i remember that incident....nice that ashwin got placed too..good for him...