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December 3, 2007

Solaris dilemma

I wonder how many of my collegemates have looked into the last row machines in the CENTRAL COMPUTING FACILITY LAB of the college and wondered what are these machines for.Yes I am talking about the 10-20 SUN Microsystem machines that lie in the lab.Its near about 2 years now and I dont think anyone has ever dared to operate it,to be frank I have to shamelessly admit, we dont know how to use it.But now its high time atleast we see the desktop and appearence of best operating system in the world, and a group of final year students which includes me has taken up the charge of crawling into the depths of solaris and coming out with something that would atleast be a beginning.Our group has been assigned the task of studying the basics,operate the system and take a session for the computer science department students regarding the basic operational overview of the solaris operating system.You must be wondering why am I still not mentioning the version of the solaris used.Sorry guys,I need to enquire about it (this gives an idea about my preparation).I am yet to start but I hope to get the TASK done asap.

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