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December 2, 2007

Do no evil

Wondering what I mean; My mention is on the motto of google "Do no evil".I had recently infact yesterday completed digesting a book "The google story" ,the origin and growth of Google.I was just fascinated by the way Brin and Page had brought up their company.May be its the lone company I feel which exists with a view of selfless service to its users.I dream of a day when I would be a member of the Googleplex and would be meeting my modern era idols Sergey Brin and Larry Page.Its really a computer techie's dream to be working with google and not to mention the wonderful environment that Google provides.Its more like a home rather than an office.The work culture is the best and the most unique you can ever get and ofcourse of the food at "Charlie's place" is nothing less than that in heaven.But there is only one defect,I dont even have half the potential that Google expects from a noogler.Hope someday I can reach to the minimum standards that they would want from a fresher.Anyway thanks to the Stanford products for giving a niche for super techies GOOGLE.

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