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December 5, 2007

My first interview experience.

My first interview experience is something I feel worth mentioning.Even though I couldnt get through the interview,I learned many things that got me right in the second time.My written test was on March 10th which I got through some how,but when it came to interview,the tension was taking its toll on me.It was my first interview infact I hadnt even attended a mock interview till that moment.So as expected the technical interview started with some simple questions and then the interviewer asked me,"which is the subject that you want me to ask questions on".I didnt know what to say and made the biggest stupidity ever I could dream of;I told him"Its up to you sir,you can decide".After that very moment,I was on the shooting range and the questions tore me off.I had a horrible twenty minutes after which I somehow managed to get away from there.Within five minutes the results came and as expected I was ousted.Then I learned one thing that,I had to focuss on a single subject and I should have drawn him to that subject rather than falling prey to his questions.With these things in mind,I started my preparations for the second placement test.I forgot to tell you;my first interview was for the post of software trainee in Siemens Information Systems.And remember failures are the stepping stones to success.


haridev said...

if he is not become asoftware engineer he will be a great philosopher.......

Nithin said...

Funnily enough my experience was quite the opposite. I suggested my favorite subject -- Microcontrollers -- to the interviewer and made a thorough mess out of my answers to some really easy questions. Luckily enough, the interviewer switched to another subject very soon and that probably saved me. ;-)

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