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December 7, 2007

Do's and Dont's in an interview-Strength and Weakness

Hi guys back again with another stuff that I feel is worth mentioning.In almost 90% of the interviews,you get the question "Mr X ,what do you feel are your strengths and weakness"( Out of the 6 interviews attended by me,I got this question four times).Usually you can see many cooked up diplomatic answers that most of the people follow and you can find it in most of the sites.When asked about strengths,the usual reply goes on as"I am very positive,hard working ,optimistic ,sincere to work bla bla bla".I can state this only as the ingredients that formulate your strength rather than them being strength.These are more like the vitamins and minerals that combine to form your nutrition.So when you reply ofcourse,state these points (its a must),but also add like "I am hardworking etc, because of this I have been able to complete my project before time"(citing example is a very good way of doing it.).Now coming to weakness,its the usual statement that they expect from you like"I am always busy with my work ,am more professional rather than emotional ;place my work above my personal things."All spoken out damp boring words,but I think that would be enough to get through(I f anything more please put it as a comment.).But Never say you are lazy (even if you are) or I am pessimistic or something.The most important thing never say that you dont have any weakness ,if you are so particular,you can say"I havent yet come across my weakness"(but preferrably avoid it,that can be a negative point also.Say it at your own risk).
Above all these ,the interviewer expects you to reply with utmost perfection the most important question "what are your achievements?".The reply would be "I got 99% in 10th; I qualified for national football team;I have been .....".Ofcourse these are achievements and you dont expect every person to achieve it,the problem I find is it lacks the punch that need to be there in your reply to make the interviewer satisfied,infact very happy.You get 100% for board exams ;you are happy and if your achievement ends there,then you happen to be a bit more selfish.Your achievement must be something that inspires or makes atleast a single person happy other than you.You can say "I got 100 % for the boards exam.My parents were proud of me .My friends were proud of me and infact I could see some inspired faces amongst my juniors.THIS IS MY ACHIEVEMENT".If this cant make an impression,then I dont feel much else can.So guys take my word ,your achievement must be a broader one rather than a self centered one.Remember guys, the company is looking for a TEAM PLAYER ,an inspiring guy,rather than a ONE MAN SHOW.

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