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December 7, 2007

DO's and Dont's in an interview-LANGUAGE MATTERS-remedies

In the earlier post we have seen the problems of language proficiency,now lets talk about the remedies.I have heard many people say "the problem is we think in our regional dialect and then convert it into english,so that delay in speech comes out as stammering and makes the thing worse".I completely DISAGREE with this statement.I am not concerned about the conversion,but how can one ever think in a dialect or a language.Let me tell you can never think in english or any other language.Thoughts are those emotions in mind that happens to flow more like a painting than words.If you notice properly,you can see every memory or every answer comes to your mind as a picture and then you take it out to words(provided you have not mugged up something without understanding).So we think the way everyone does and you can never think in languages;its something like asking someone to draw a picture in english(if you can do that you can do this too).The interpretation of idea to words is similar to adding a description to your painting(none can do it better than you).So what you need to do is label your idea in english rather than "creating your idea in english".
How to implement this labelling technique.Its as simple as that.If you fear talking to people in public,do it in private with yourself.Say to yourself,speak to yourself.Believe me( because I have tried it and worked well) you can start talking to yourself,there would be moments when you talk to yourself when you put your thoughts on something,label your thoughts in english and this is the best possible start you can ever give to attain language proficiency.(Do it in front of a mirror,its just a funny and beautiful experience).
The another thing you must do is listen to english programs whatever it is ,even a cricket commentary will do ,also atleast once in a week go through an english article whether in news paper or magazine or anything in that regard.I can tell you this will get you well with your speaking fluency, it will increase your word power which well augment the quality of the words you use and of course the flow of words.This is similar to providing words for describing your image.
Once you implement these two techniques,I assure you,you are quite ready to talk in english with no much problems.Now regarding the fluency or flawless speech that you do find in VJs or other news spokesmen,you need to talk with others in english especially with your friends.Do create small sessions of mock GDs or discussions in your class rooms and that does help a lot.Infact these are the only ways by which you can improve.Sitting idle and thinking "oh this is not my cup of tea" really means its time for some nice thrashing.So guys kick start your preparations and your weakness would surely be your greatest asset.A better conveyed small idea is always better than an excellent idea not conveyed.

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